Email Campaigns

Adam Black Media specializes in executing effective email campaigns that yield high open rate, high click rate, and a growing captive audience. 2020 statistics show that for every $1 spent on email promotion, the US return will average $42.

Without question, email marketing is the clear king when it comes to reaching the largest amount of people with the fewest dollars spent. Adam Black Media partners with companies that have an existing email audience, and walks them through the process of white labeling their address to ensure an effective campaign that properly delivers to the audience inbox and not to their spam. Additionally, ABM works with companies that do not have any email addresses and helps them grow their captive audience with streamlined capture tools within their website. By bridging the gap between a client’s website and their email strategy, ABM provides a system that leverages multiple forms of “reach” to make sure their captive audience knows they are there and is engaged in what they are offering.