Your Business Is LOSING Money By Not Paying For Email Marketing Services

It’s 2020, certainly there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that email is even effective anymore… much less the most effective marketing tool? Really Adam? I’m with you – email is pretty old. In fact, the first email ever sent was processed in 1965 in a program called “Mailbox”. Mostly used in government communication, email didn’t become a common communication tool for the general public until the 1990’s. Yes… over 30 years ago.

So, with such an “old” process of communication, how can email marketing possibly be the most effective method in which we reach our current or potential captive audiences? The answer is simple… it’s because email is old. Email is tried, true, and trusted. When done properly, email marketing will, without question, be the best marketing tool in your arsenal.

There are literally 100’s of 2020 stats we can provide that would absolutely influence your decision to begin marketing via email. However, as a business owner, we know you have to do. We know you have a budget, so I will get right to the point.

For every $1 spend on email marketing in 2020, marketers will receive $42 in return. That is up from the average ROI of 38:1 in 2018

So, what does that say in terms of where this “old” form of communication is going? It means that in a crowded, multi-platform ecosystem that you can choose to market… email marketing is the only option that is increasing in ROI. It is the only one where you control how your message is received.

What about direct print? Yeah… super expensive, and yields way less than a 1% return nationally. There are two scenarios in which we believe this is still effective, but I will save that for another article to come.

What about social media? You should most definitely be active on social media, but it certainly has its down sides (need to frequently post (like, spend a TON of time), need to stand out in a flooded crowd, need to boost if you want real real traction… all to not really know many people actually “engaged” in your message.

Take Away Stats

  1. 3.9 Billion active emails exist (More than half the global population) (Radicati)
  2. 82% of workers check email outside of normal business hours (Statista)
  3. American workers will receive an average of 126 email per day (as opposed to seeing thousands of posts on social media) (Radcati)


Your company simply can not afford to not market via email. Our clients experience above average open rates, clicks rates, and receive email marketing services that pay for themselves time and time again.

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