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Word of Mouth Is Still The King of Marketing

One of the things that business owners find to be the most challenging is acquiring good reviews from real clients. Most of the time not gaining a review isn't a result of bad work (people are more than willing to talk about dissatisfaction), but due to the lack of a system in place to gain their endorsement.

Reviews Gained With Ease

Getting reviews is often hard, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you choose to implement our platform yourself, or if you would benefit by having our team acquire reviews for you... we've got you covered.

Web Chat

See that picture of Holly, our Client Success coordinator, in the bottom right hand corner of this website? If you click that button you can instantly submit a request to our Client Success team for immediate answers. Even better, you'll submit it in the form of a text. Like, it will come to one of our phones. No more delays in getting the answers you need. Best of all? You can have the same technology in your website.

Receive Payments Via Text

Getting paid on time is critical to your success. Making it unbelievably easy for your clients certainly helps in that process. Send invoices via text, get paid immediately, and even receive a free card read that automates review requests right after the transaction goes through.

Solutions For Every Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get reviews?

The timeline will be dependent largely on how many customers you serve & how frequently you serve them. The big value add is that text message has a 98% open rate statistically, so having a platform that manages requests over text, responses, automations, & more all in a single dashboard is very robust system for ensuring more reviews are around the corner. 

What if I don't have the capacity to manage the platform?

Our primary client is a busy business owner that needs to delegate marketing responsibilities. This of course is no different! We are able to offer our reputation platform to you to manage, or our team will gladly manage reviews & much more for you!

Is reputation management an additional cost to the ABM Digital Marketing Packages?

No. Reputation management costs are built into our full marketing plans. We just offer this service as an a-la-carte option for those that have a good handle on their marketing but are looking to do reputation building only. You can see our full marketing packages by visiting https://adamblackmedia.com/digital-marketing-pricing/

What all platforms can I get reviews to?

You can choose a variety of platforms to receive reviews to through our reputation platform, but your best bet is to target one as that is likely all a user is going to take the time to review you on. We recommend Google as a primary review platform with Facebook serving as the backup option. 

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